Christmas blogs Christmas in Bangalore,India during the 20th Century- then and now

Top Christmas blog 2017- Christmas in Bangalore,India during the 20th Century- then and now

In this Christmas blog,I would like to share my experiences of the Christmas season over the years from my childhood.(Christmas in Bangalore, India during the 20th Century- then and now)

I was born in the in the generation between the 80’s and 90’s in Bangalore, India. Where there was less Digital technology. Christmas was celebrated in a different manner back then. There were more gathering of people and a bit old-styled look to the festival, unlike today were there is less physical affection and more of spending money lavishly, diminishing the spirit of Christmas.

The people during our time were more into Outdoor games like cricket, football, basketball, hockey etc and into extracurricular activities. Most of the houses had a Television with DD network and a BSNL telephone. We were glued to few programs, particularly during the weekends. There were good shows back then.

Just before the start of December people would hang the stars on the outside and would get the cribs ready for the Christmas season. People would build cribs on their own.

Before the start of Christmas, there would be people going from one house to the other singing carols and in turn praying for their families and distributing gifts, calendars, and other merchandises.

Christmas which falls in the month of December is a holiday of celebration. It a season of very high significance for many people belonging to the Christian faith(Christianity). Christmas is to acknowledge, remember, honor and respect the savior of this world, Jesus Christ birth. Who was sent by the Lord as a sacrifice for the sins of every Humans. Christians have always contributed to the overall development of the country. They have established several prominent hospitals, colleges, school, Institutions for which people give preference to, old age homes, rehabilitation centers, homes to the poor, free food for the needy to name a few.

During our school days in the 2000’s just before the start of the month the teachers would pile up assignments for us to complete as we would get a good 7 to 10 days of holidays for Christmas. I and my friends would go and visit our friend’s home and enjoy the festive season. Back then most of the household had a cycle and the head of the family had a Two wheeler, Car was a luxury. We used to drive fearlessly in our cycles, as Bangalore was less crowded and our parents would not object.

We would spend hours and hours of time on the playground, as we had plenty of open places to play. We would call our friends or plan with them well in advance and would go to their homes to meet them in person. I would end up going to my Grandmother’s home in Cox town were there was a sizable Christian population, the house close by had a fully grown X-mass tree on which the decoration would be done. In the night I would end up gazing the stars and the decorated X-mas tree in awe and believe me these moments is something which is very memorable to me even now.

The People would attend the night and morning masses at churches along with their friends and families, the neighbors would then distribute plum cakes, chocolates, gifts and homemade Mutton /chicken biryani to the non-Christian families around on the eve of Christmas. The kids in our locality would enjoy by going to parks, street shopping, singing, and merrying. I remember walking to Coles Park on many occasions along with my aunt on many occasions to enjoy the nature and the peace that it once stood, we would see many people skating, the birds chirping, singing. People exercising, sitting, eating and ending in long conversions.

In our time we had good programs, premier of cartoons through which we learned the English language which in turn instilled values like honesty, patriotism, respect, hard work and other qualities which many of the people during our era would relate to. A few examples of cartoons during our era being GI Joe, Swat Kats, Johnny quest, Yogi bear, Top cat, He-man, Transformers, Dragon Ball-Z, Ninja robots, Birdman, Space Ghost, Teenage mutant ninja turtles to name a few.
Also We would be glued to our TV’s feeling exhausted from playing sports. Most of the cartoons would reflect Christmas, which would feature Christmas related themes and Christmas movies and messages during the season of Christmas. And movie channels would reflect the same by premiering movies of Jesus and other Christmas oriented movies. The Joy of Christmas would continue to the end of December.
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Top Christmas blog 2017- Christmas in Bangalore,India during the 20th Century- then and now-Click here

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